Feral Hogs have become prevalent in our area which makes for an extremely enjoyable hunting opportunity.  We have learned over the years that the best time to hunt hogs is on the new moon each month so our hunt dates fall on the dates closest to the New Moon.  It is not uncommon for a hunting group to shoot 20 to 30 even 40 hogs on a hunt and the big one can get up to 350 pounds or more.  This is a fun laid back hunt that is a great way to extend the hunting season.
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18 Hunter Maximum
Hunt Friday pm – Sunday am

January 19th – 20th
February 16th – 18th
March 16th – 18th

$ 500.00
Per Hunter

$ 525.00

Per Hunter for Championship Hunt

We have determined over the years that the best time to hunt pigs is the week of the New Moon.  Our Hunts are 1 weekend a month on the "Dark of the Moon" and we hunt daylight and dusk just like any other hunt, NO sitting in the pitch black night at 1 a.m. to hunt pigs.  This has proven to be a very productive and fun way to hunt these tough animals.  We are the one of, if not the only, ranch to feed during these month and that also helps bring them in.  

7th Annual Solana Ranch Championship Hog Hunt

$ 525.00
Per Hunter


Apr 20, 2016 - Apr 22, 2017
7th Annual Solana Championship Hog Hunt

This Hunt was added in 2010 to the hunt schedule to bring a little competition to the hunt game and we had a tremendous response.  4, 4 to 5 man teams hit the woods to find out who the best pig hunters and guide will be.  Bragging Rights are on the line. The winning team takes home the coveted Hog Champion Belt Buckles.